Previous Projects

Previous projects

This is a compiled list of a few of the projects that I’ve worked on.
The projects in this list are either Open Source community projects or commissioned work, see each project for specific details or contact me at

M3-Display – Eletta Flow AB

The M3-Display is a continuation of the M3 series flow meter originally launched in 2010. This new addition to the series adds an OLED display to display real time flow while still using the two wire 4-20mA standard to transmit measured flow to other devices. The device utilizes differential pressure and piezo resistive elements to accurately measure the flow over a wide temperature range while still having an incredibly small footprint.

The base model is released in Q2 of 2020

M-DK3 – Eletta Flow AB

The M-DK3 is a compact digital flow meter that utilizes differential pressure to accurately calculate flow of liquid or gas. M-DK3 is powered by the industrial standard 4-20mA loop.This design is a continuation of the older M3 flow meter.

The M-DK3 was specifically designed for the emergency air brake system for China Railways “HXD1” electric freight train. It was first deployed in Q2-2019 for the HXD1 in India and later released in the Chinese market.

12 Drive compact NAS-enclosure

The 12 Drive NAS enclosure is a low-cost open source “flat-pack” solution for home servers with support up to 12×3.5″ hard drives.

The design is optimized for high airflow, low noise and a small formfactor.
The project utilizes standard consumer hardware combined with custom parts made by laser cutters and 3D-printers to achieve a highly customizable case while still maintaining a low cost. All parts can be bought or created at home with a 3D-Printer and a laser cutter.

The project is publicly released under the MIT license.